About Erica

Hello! I'ms so happy you found your way here. A bit about me: I love to tell love stories and I am a feminist wedding photographer. I'm passionate about a lot: photography, social justice, being outdoors, the beach, and travel. I am based in Brooklyn, New York City, and I will happily travel for your wedding. 

My photography is for people who celebrate love, equality, and social justice. For couples who embrace stepping outside the box. If you're not crazy about the cookie-cutter images being sold by the wedding industry, that's ok! Neither am I. If this resonates with you, then you've come to the right place. 

What is feminist wedding photography?

I believe that weddings, and marriage, can be feminist (and should be), and feminists can certainly have weddings! Inspired by Modern Rebel, a NYC feminist wedding planning company, and troubled by the direction of the wedding industrial complex, I knew it was time to combine my history of activist work with my passion for photography.  I value couples and loving events in all their colors, shapes, sizes, and identities. This is less about 'the bride' and more about the love between two people. Feminist wedding photography values your love in all its identities, AND gives back to the issues that matter most. 

Your Photos

Weddings are celebrations of joy, tenderness, commitment, and human connection. Your wedding photos should reflect the love and authenticity of your bond, not a recipe laid out to you by anyone else.  My photography style is a fresh, modern blend of artistic and photojournalism. I have an eye for decisive moments, and I love to capture people at their most candid, joyful times. I will do whatever it takes to get the best shot, whether getting down on the dance floor with you or

My philosophy:

·       I embrace non-traditional love stories, couples and ideas, and events.

·       The couples I work with value authenticity, equality and thinking outside the box.

·       I tailor each photographic shoot to the needs and wishes of the couple.

·       This is about capturing love and commitment, not winning a popularity contest.

·       Human connections and emotions matter most.

·       I donate a small % of your wedding package to a 501c3 non-profit from the following organizations of the couple's choice: Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Surfrider Foundation, or Black Lives Matter.

A bit more about me

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, I have been in NYC for eleven years. I have an activist background, I have been teaching photography and social justice to kids for several years, and I am a self-taught film and digital photographer. My artistic work can be found at: Erica Reade Images, and my work is held in private collections in the US and Canada. I am also the founder of Camera of the Month Club, a NYC photography collective. I am an Artist Member of SohoPhoto Gallery in NYC, and I am a 2017 Nikon Scholarship for the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. My recent work has been published in Flavorwire and Underexposed Magazine.