Engagement Photo Tips: Do's & Don'ts

With a slew of engagement shoots under my belt, I thought I'd round up some tips, suggestions and best practices so you feel your best when we first meet for our engagement session together. I’ve included a few great engagement photos for ideas.

1. Wear something you feel good in. Wear something you are also comfortable in. ‘Feeling good' can mean a lot of things. Sexy. Pretty. Handsome. Stunning. Cute. Whatever that ‘good’ is to you, the most important part is that you are comfortable in what you choose to wear. If you spend the session adjusting straps, tightness, or yanking on your skirt or pants, this could affect our photos. So choose wisely :)

2. Bring flats or sneakers. If you plan to wear heels, please bring some more comfortable footwear because we usually do a fair bit of walking to our various photo locations. I will hold or carry your alternate shoes in my bag while that is happening. And who said sneakers can’t look cute?

3. Bold colors are always a win. Patterns are cool as long as you don't clash with each other. 

4. Please iron out any major wrinkles. They will show up in the photos. 

5. The best accessory will be your laughter and smile, so relax and get ready to enjoy yourselves. 

6. If I'm asking you to hold a pose or directing you, and it's something you're not comfortable doing, please don't be shy to tell me. I want the best photo results for you and your comfort and fun is #1. 

I hope this helps a bit. The point of our engagement sessions is for you to get comfortable in front of the camera with me, so that on your wedding day, you’ll be even more relaxed and ready to have fun. It’s also a great excuse to get some beautiful photos of you and your significant other not taken with a phone. Here are a few standout outfit ideas:

Erica Reade