Food for Thought: Phone-Free Ceremonies

It might feel weird imposing ‘rules’ on your wedding guests, but if you suggest even one, banning phones during your ceremony might be it. This is the most intimate, emotional part of the day. Heck, it’s the primary reason all those people are sitting there! To watch you make a beautiful promise to your partner, share vows, laughs, tears and kisses. It’s a heck of a lot more engaging when they’re looking at you with their own two eyes, and not through their screens.

On top of that, your photos will look WAY better! We’re seeing more and more images where instead of people looking overcome with emotion, their faces are lit up by phones, and are distracted by filming or taking photos instead. They sometimes even get in the way of your photographer (who you’ve paid good money to capture those very moments) and can risk us missing those once-in-a-lifetime shots. Assure them they can whip out their phones once cocktails are poured and the I Do’s have been read, but during those few sweet minutes, let us live through your special ceremony together, sans phones.

Erica Reade