Editing Your Photos

Sometimes people ask why it can take a few to several weeks to get your wedding photos back. I get it, it's an exciting night, you've spent months planning it, and then once it's done, it's a blur and you want to be able to look back and see all the highlights. The wait time comes down to math. On any given full day wedding, a wedding photographer will shoot anywhere from 2500-6000 photos, depending on the level of detail you've asked for, the size of your wedding party, and if a second shooter is present.  From that number, photographs 'cull down' to about 400-800 photos depending on your package.  With those 400-800 photos, I take my time editing them because I don't want to rush through your photos. I want to deliver the absolute best images to you, carefully selected and edited by me. That way once you get them, you'll have a lifetime of looking back at hundreds of beautiful memories. Here are a few more from Serena and Matt's gorgeous wedding in Montreal in late July. I chose to make these black and white because they're so filled with emotion, and black and white usually works best for that. 

Erica Reade